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How to Volunteer

The Prospect Heights Natural Resources Commission is an all volunteer organization. Volunteers make us go. Volunteering is easy, fun and the right thing to do. It is a great investment in your community and the natural environment that surrounds us. There is nothing better than being outside in the elements surrounded by nature, teaming with wildlife and making new friendships.


Winter is a roaring buckthorn fire and a bright mix of snowflakes and buckthorn ash that swirl around your head with the promise of a roasted Kielbasa when we finish. Spring is filled with optimism as the birds begin their migrations north and new native plants make their way out of the decades old seed bed, long suppressed by buckthorn invasion. Spring is also for frogs that sing to you as we plant native plugs and manage garlic mustard. Summer brings the heat, wide open blue skies and the opportunity to sweat off a few pounds with your friends while doing good for the environment. In Autumn we admire the walls of ambient color, crisp cool air watch the migrators take a respite before heading south. Seed collection is the major task followed by processing them and get them ready for sowing in early winter.


We welcome all persons interested in participating in projects essential to the survival and wellbeing of our natural resources and returning our local environment back to it's original splendor.


Volunteer Work Days are every other Sunday, year round from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Information about our work days is on our website calendar and by signing up for our monthly Resources Journal, you  will receive regular email announcements about the upcoming work days and the activities planned for that day.  We provide water, instructions, education, tools, comradery and the great sense of making a difference in your community.


Questions about the work days may be asked on our Contact us page.


New to the Crew? Download our Volunteer waiver form and bring it with you to the work day.


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